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"Startling, confident, erotic, Ye Chun's gorgeous collection Travel Over Water gathers us into a universe both mythic and familiar. On the wings of her poems we are carried across the oceans of dream."  

                                                                 —  Michelle Boisseau

"The theme of journeys dominates this lovely collection of poems--many of them image-filled and cryptic. Journeys across and between landscapes that are sometimes physical, sometimes metaphysical, but one that is always haunted and illuminated by a rich imagination and a questing intelligence."

                                                                 —  Gregory Orr

"You can't read these poems without feeling you've lost something that Ye Chun has found for you. You may not even realize you've lost anything, yet you can't deny that cell on fire in your brain is her having found it for you."    


                                                                 —  Paul B. Roth


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